The Old Orchard School House was built in 1906, in the middle of plum orchard country in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.  In the 1930’s, it became the recipient of one of the WPA work projects… a gymnasium.  Both buildings boast their original wood floors.

At some point in its history, the outhouses disappeared and a large hallway complete with bathrooms and an oil fired furnace was installed.  Today it still stands as a testament to the will of American parents and educators…a will to pass down truth and time tested strategies to it’s future citizens.

Leave your devices at the door, take a step back in time and look around.  Crack open an encyclopedia from over 100 years ago, browse a reprinted McGuffey Reader from 1836, take a peek inside a 1777 New-England primer, or read within the pages of a Blue Back Speller.  Pause a moment to reflect what your fore fathers set out to do.