Interested in strolling back into time, over 100 years ago…what was it like?  What did they teach children in school then?  Spend time sitting in an antique desk from 1888 complete with inkwell or imagining what it would’ve been like to attend one of the first university’s of Oregon…what did they teach?  Do you know most universities began in churches?  Google it if you don’t believe me, I never knew it either.

Open up the doors to their mini library put together with wooden notches, no nails, no glue, even a little wooden card catalog holder still exists.

Walk down the ramp into the gymnasium built in 1931.  Just keep your shoes on, it’s the original floor, complete with slivers and an old chalkboard for keeping points.

We’re not sure what to charge for tours like this…drop us a line and we’ll schedule you in and figure a price depending on your needs and mine.  Was it so long ago that a handshake was enough?