Under Construction


Team Schoolhouse is a virtual and physical place to share with you our heart surrounding education, teamwork and unity in the body of Christ…a place to be inspired and grow.

We are a homeschooling family of 9 that has found an old school house built in 1906, “The Old Orchard School House,” sitting here under a pile of dust and mouse droppings.  After cleaning things up a bit we’ve uncovered a treasure that has been lost.  As old buildings are always under construction, this is no exception to the rule.  Please feel welcome to schedule a private tour,

https://www.teamschoolhouse.org/contact-us/kids are welcome…this is a hands on schoolhouse.

Leave your devices at the door, take a step back in time and look around.  Crack open an encyclopedia from over 100 years ago, browse a reprinted McGuffey Reader from 1836, take a peek inside a 1777 New-England primer, or read within the pages of a Blue Back Speller.  Pause a moment to reflect what your fore fathers set out to do.

We invite you to come along and see what God will do with a humble little house constructed over a 100 years ago.  We envision a place where people can come and be refreshed, learn, volunteer their time, network, and receive encouragement from one another’s stories.  We’ll keep you updated with our progress via the blog at https://www.teamschoolhouse.org/follow-our-journey/